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SURGE Optimism '18

A Free Interactive Virtual Conference for Association Professionals brought to you by

Join 1000's of association professionals harnessing the power of collective knowledge.

November 7th-9th, 2018

Learning Solutions for the 21st Century

Read more about CE21 and how our technology can provide the perfect learning solution for your organization


Trade & Membership Associations

Your association’s education and certification programs provide value to your members. Providing these programs online increases that value. Providing an online continuing education experience that is easy for your members to navigate as individuals and in group settings is invaluable. 

Continuing Education Providers

Continuing Education Providers

Streamline your processes and manage your continuing education content through a flexible and mobile friendly platform that was designed with the provider and learners needs in mind. Disseminate your content through multiple mediums of delivery and increase your audience through the CE21 Sharing Marketplace.

Association Management Companies

Association Management Companies

From one-hour programs to multi-day conferences, the CE21 LMS allows associations to provide a desired and much needed value added benefit to a larger number of its members. Easily manage all of your client's most valued membership benefit in one place. 



Virtual Summits and Conferences

Interested in offering a virtual summit or conference? Click "Learn More" to read more about how CE21 offers the perfect solution. 

Introducing CE21 - Learning Solutions for the 21st Century

Learning Solutions for the 21st Century 

CE21 is a full service Learning Solution for Continuing Education Providers and Associations.

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