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CE21 is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that provides distance education solutions to a variety of professional education verticals. We provide a full LMS with a wide range of tools to efficiently manage, customize and deliver high quality professional education and management solutions. 

Our Fundamental Value

CE21's success is built on integrity, respect and open communication with out partners and their clientele throughout the United States and beyond. Outstanding customer service is what drives us every day, knowing that our success is intrinsically tied to our partner's success. We are committed to employing these distinctions in every aspect of our business as we move forward into the 21st century. 

Our Philosophy 

The needs of delivering continuing education can change radically from one organization to the next. Our technology platform has been created from the ground up to be incredibility flexible as possible. This flexibility allows organizations to spend less time on "how can I..." and more time on serving their clientele by efficiently delivering high quality content. 

The Executive Team

With a combined experience of over 75 years in delivering professional continuing education, the team at CE21 has the experience, technical skill and background to assist in delivering the very best continuing education experience possible.

Please take a moment to meet our team and do not hesitate to contact any of us at any time.

John Davis - President and CEO

As the chief cook and bottle washer at CE21, John divides his time fairly evenly between tidying up the CE21 kitchen and working with clients and development staff to keep CE21 on the cutting edge of technology.

When time permits, you can find John at the local Home Depot buying who knows what for one project or another or darkening the doorway of one of Austin's superb aquarium shops. 

Contact John at

Kevin Hodges - Chief Information Officer

Kevin Hodges has been involved in web application development and video streaming for 15 years. He is involved in building and maintaining CE21's robust and scalable online seminar registration and delivery system. Kevin previously served in various roles at Legalspan where he gained a great deal of experience in online education delivery. He has also spent considerable time managing massive volumes of data for a large oil and gas company in Texas. Kevin holds a BS in Construction Management from Arizona State University.

When not hacking out code or managing servers, Kevin enjoys spending time outdoors gardening or working on DIY projects. Kevin and his wife reside in the Austin area with their three girls.  

Contact Kevin at

Reid Stillings - Vice President of Operations

With over 9 years of experience running the media and webcast department at a prior continuing education provider, Reid Stillings has managed and overseen the success of over 2,000 live webcasts nationwide, from small associations to Fortune 500 companies. His passion for supporting affiliate associations in a fast-paced work environment made him the perfect addition to the CE21 team.

When he's not fueld-up on coffee in preparation for early morning broadcasts, Reid enjoys camping, foreign films, traveling and spending time at one of Austin's many swimming holes. 

Contact Reid at

Lisa Wise - Director of Client Services

After being hired by a barefoot country singer, Lisa Wise moved quickly up the ranks of LibreDigital, a leading eBook start-up based in Austin. After several years honing her chops, she was lured away by the spectacular team at CE21. Lisa now defends her official title of Excel Guru with weekly spreadsheet cage fights and brings her sophisticated wit and whip-cracking project management skills to bear on all aspects of CE21's system.

When she's not schooling the team on best practices for client interaction, Lisa can be found knitting, karaoking, or catching some live music. Further questions can be directed to the hilarious and loud woman running the happy hour. 

Contact Lisa at

Rick Rutherford - Vice President of Association Solutions

Rick Rutherford is a recognized author, speaker, association industry executive, with expertise in forging, developing and managing long term relationships with trade associations and professional societies. A collaborative communicator, he is skilled at driving engagement leveraging proven successes in education program development, idea exchanges and networking opportunities that enhance professionalism and promote high standards.

Rick has worked in the association industry for more than 30 years, serving as a vendor partner, association staff member, and co-founder of Affiniscape, a technology company dedicated to serving the association industry. In addition, has been a speaker at association industry events around the country.

Rick joined CE21 LLC in 2017 to help in the creation and deployment of CE21’s innovative SaaS solutions for the association industry.

Contact Rick at

Casey Jones - Director of Strategic Partnerships

Casey Jones, MBA, joins CE21 with over 20 years in sales, including 12 years working specifically with association executives to bring new technology services to their members.

Casey’s past successes with start-up companies and his enjoyment of the unique and rewarding challenges that come with them are part of the allure of CE21. He embraces the opportunity to work with smart, hard-working individuals who aren’t afraid to wear different hats. Casey's firmly rooted in the belief that by treating customers as partners, we are all invested in each other’s success.

Casey’s time outside of work includes all the things necessary for being the best son, brother, husband, and father possible (though not necessarily in that order). While he does love playing baseball, that poem is not about him. No, he's not a Grateful Dead fan, but he does like trains. If you catch the above references you will win a special place in his heart. So long as you don't sing the song. Please. NEVER sing the song.

Contact Casey at

Patrick Sanner - Manager of Media Operations

From Rodeos to the Olympics to Sonic Youth and Phish, Patrick has years of experience helping companies of all sizes deliver amazing online video experiences to millions of viewers worldwide. Working with directly with clients, producers and presenters have given him the opportunity to create tools and workflows that exceed requirements, beat deadlines, and are a pleasure to work with.

When he is not closing the gaps between stages, clouds, and people he can be found toying around with new tech or lounging around one of Austin's Greenbelts.

Contact Patrick at

Clint McBride - Affiliate Manager

Before moving to Austin to start his professional career, Clint McBride received his BA in Media Strategies from Texas Tech University, while also getting introduced to Video Production through his role with the University's Video Team. After Graduation, he made his first big move to Austin, Texas, where he found his next role as a Technical Support Adviser for Electronic Arts. While at EA, Clint worked his way onto their Social Media team where he helped expand EA’s Customer Service Role in the world of social media.

Clint's role within CE21 seemed like the perfect next step, where he assists clients with product development, technical woes, as well as educating new users to the platform. Clint also helps oversee media production at CE21, and operates and manages the occasional live webcast.

Outside of work, Clint can be usually found getting into the latest TV Show, playing Overwatch, or watching Professional Wrestling, brother.

Contact Clint at

Learning Solutions for the 21st Century 

CE21 is a full service Learning Solution for Continuing Education Providers and Associations.