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CE21 is proud to announce another new feature to the CE21 Learning Management System (LMS) - a Credit Tracker! Our credit tracker will allow your users to easily keep track and report their continuing education credit.

Need to be able manage your members and non-member customers in one location? CE21 has the perfect solution - CE21 Groups! One of the latest features of the CE21 Learning Management System, CE21 Groups allows you to create groups to manage your members and the benefits they receive.

We know that marketing can be challenging. And we also know how important marketing to customers is for our clients. So we have decided to make it easier than ever with our Shopping Cart Reminders! Now our clients are able to see who has added products to their carts, but not purchased them. From that list, our clients are able to send emails to those customers reminding them of their cart or even offering them a discount!

Online Continuing Education is continuing to grow. And that's no surprise due to how convenient and practical it is! While it may seem as online CE is not as personable as face-to-face learning, that is not the case. CE21 has created new ways for participants to stay connected to each other - they are able to make real connections and have real-time conversations. Thanks to the enhanced interaction provided by our Forums, participants utilizing CE21 software can interact with each other prior, during, and after the course. And our clients agree!

“Partnering with CE21 is the best decision our company has made. They are an amazing partner to work with. With CE21 as our backbone we don’t have to focus on the technology because that’s their expertise."

Anne Taylor, Director of Operations and On Site Training, Business Professionals' Network, Inc.

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