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How Forums Increase the Level of Engagement during Online CE

Online Continuing Education is continuing to grow. And that's no surprise due to how convenient and practical it is! While it may seem as online CE is not as personable as face-to-face learning, that is not the case. CE21 has created new ways for participants to stay connected to each other - they are able to make real connections and have real-time conversations. Thanks to the enhanced interaction provided by our Forums, participants utilizing CE21 software can interact with each other prior, during, and after the course. And our clients agree! Kim Peterson of PESI, says that "CE21 has created a great way for our participants to interact and collaborate with other professionals in their field. The online forum allows our participants to be part of a community with similar interests, providing valuable opportunity to share insight and experiences to build their network." Here are just a few highlights of CE21 Forums:

URLs, Pictures & Video Not only do we have a place for participants to post questions and comments, but they can also share pictures and videos within the forum! Allowing participants to share a variety of content can really make a difference in the quality of discussion. Additionally, if a participant posts a URL or a YouTube video, the post will show the associated picture and the metadata. If you are creating a Classroom and do not wish to utilize Forums for video uploading, you can utilize the Video Upload Tab, which provides a way to collect videos from participants without displaying them in a forum. Also, these videos automatically become assets in your Media Library so you can use them later as video testimonials or for other reasons.

Moderators You can establish one or several moderators to assist in organizing and controlling a forum. Moderators can not only create posts to "start conversations" within the forum, but they can also review posts prior to their publication. If the tenant decides to enable this setting, moderators can either publish or archive this content. Both moderators and regular participants can set email notifications to be sent whenever a post is made in a forum. These notifications can be set to run multiple times per day, daily, or weekly.  

The online forum allows our participants to be part of a community with similar interests, providing valuable opportunity to share insight and experiences to build their network. - Kim Peterson, PESI

Ease of Access Forums are available to be used in all our product types, but Classrooms really showcase how forums can increase the level of learning. Within Classrooms, you can decide which tab you wish to have the forum displayed - additionally - you can have multiple forums within a Classroom. This can allow you to create an, for example, introduction forum on the Introduction Forum, as well as, individual forums for the modules that relate to specific content. Another great feature is that permalinks are available for the individual tabs within a Classroom. This allows you to distribute a link to the forum externally.

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