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Shopping Cart Notifications - Helping Bring Customers Back

We know that marketing can be challenging. And we also know how important marketing to customers is for our clients. So we have decided to make it easier than ever with our Shopping Cart Reminders! Now our clients are able to see who has added products to their carts, but not purchased them. From that list, our clients are able to send emails to those customers reminding them of their cart or even offering them a discount!

Pending Carts

Locating which customers have products in their carts is super easy, thanks to the Pending Shopping Cart table. In this table, you can search by all current carts or carts older than a specific period of time (i.e. six months)

You can quickly and easily view all customers with pending shopping carts and whether or not they have been sent a cart reminder email

Automatic Notifications

Once you have discovered how many of your customers have left products in their cart, you may decide to create an automatic notification for pending shopping carts. To do so, you will navigate to our Auto Notification tab and set up an automatic notification via our email reminder template. Now, remember, before sending out any emails you will want to edit and update the email reminder template to fit your specific needs.

After creating an automatic notification, customers will begin receiving email reminders after they have left products in their carts. This notification has a scheduling feature that allows you to decide how frequently these email reminders are sent to customers.

Conversion and Results

Now for the best part, our Shopping Cart Reminders will report revenue earned from the automatic notifica

Our client have already seen positive conversions thanks to the cart reminder notifications tion! You will be able to see how many shopping carts were completed and how much money was earned from those carts on a monthly basis. And our clients are already seeing positive results – in just a short amount of time!


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With a background in operational management and a masters degree in healthcare administration, Sarah brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to CE21. Because of her varied background and willingness to take on any challenge, she has an expansive list of responsibilities at CE21. Sarah is in charge of human resources, on-boarding new employees, technical documentation, sales logistics, and much more.

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