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CE21 Groups: The Perfect Solution for "Lite" Membership Management

Need to be able manage your members and non-member customers in one location? CE21 has the perfect solution - CE21 Groups! One of the latest features of the CE21 Learning Management System, CE21 Groups allows you to create groups to manage your members and the benefits they receive.

There are a variety of group types to choose from - membership groups are visible to the public and customers can request to join. Tenant groups are hidden to the public and only administrators can add members. Open groups are public and anyone can join - they do not have to be approved like a membership group. You can even create an invisible group which isn’t even a true group, rather a way to ensure only certain users have access to a price adjustment on the catalog. You can choose to charge customers for joining a group or allow them to join for free. If you decide to charge, members will not be able to get access to the group until payment has been processed.

Once you have selected the group type, you will be able to create a completely customized group page. Member’s will be able to access the Group Page by logging into their accounts on your catalog. Once in the Group Page, they will be able to communicate with administrators and other group members, receive their member benefits, and see upcoming group events.

All of these unique features are available to you to use on your Groups Page:

  • Product Lists - Add in online program or live events registration or physical products that group members can receive for free as a benefit of being a part of the group or at a discounted price
  • Library - Provide free documents for the group to utilize as they wish
  • Calendar - Create a calendar of events that is specific to the group
  • Chat & Forums - Allow members of the group to have private and public chats. You can schedule a group chat to have all members actively engaging at during a specific time. Forums provide another way for members converse with each other.  
  • Document Upload - Allow your members to submit documents or videos to share with other members

Need to market your group? You can create custom landing pages and marketing pages to use to promote the group to the public. No matter how many groups you need to create, you will be able to create custom pages that reflect your branding and the needs of the group.

Interested in learning more about how CE21 Groups can work for you? Click on the Request a Demo to set up a time for a demonstration!

About the author

Sarah Estes

With a background in operational management and a masters degree in healthcare administration, Sarah brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to CE21. Because of her varied background and willingness to take on any challenge, she has an expansive list of responsibilities at CE21. Sarah is in charge of human resources, on-boarding new employees, technical documentation, sales logistics, and much more.

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