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At CE21, we are committed to providing the best services possible to our partners. 

Customization & API Integration

At CE21, we provide a robust set of features to fulfill your various business needs. We understand that your business is complex and unique - which is why we provide multiple integration possible and complete customization.

Client Support Services

In addition to providing our partners with an excellent Learning Management System (LMS), we can also provide a support team to assist your clients at no additional cost. We understand that not all organization will have the ability to staff a full support team - especially if they are just beginning to sell online content. Luckily, the support team at CE21 is composed of highly-trained individuals who know all the ins and outs of the CE21 Manager.

Videography Network

At CE21, we understand that not everyone has the staff available to handle recording a live webcast or webcasting a presentation. This is why we have created a nationwide videography network of local and highly experienced videographers who will come to your event to handle the technical details needed to assure a quality recording. 


“Partnering with CE21 is the best decision our company has made. They are an amazing partner to work with. With CE21 as our backbone we don’t have to focus on the technology because that’s their expertise."

Anne Taylor, Director of Operations and On Site Training, Business Professionals' Network, Inc.

Learning Solutions for the 21st Century 

CE21 is a full service Learning Solution for Continuing Education Providers and Associations.