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Client Support Services

In addition to providing our partners with an excellent Learning Management System (LMS), we can also provide a support team to assist your clients at no additional cost. We understand that not all organization will have the ability to staff a full support team - especially if they are just beginning to sell online content. Luckily, the support team at CE21 is composed of highly-trained individuals who know all the ins and outs of the CE21 Manager. They will be able to assist your clients with any issues with logging in, video playback, or general knowledge questions.

Contacting the CE21 support team is very simple. Your clients will be able to locate a phone number on both your catalog and the CE21 Viewer. Additionally, we offer a  support ticketing system that allows your clients to submit a ticket - they can even include an image depicting their issue in the catalog or the viewer.

In addition to our support team for your clients, we provide our partners with a support ticketing system, so if you are ever experiencing a problem or have a question, you will be able to quickly contact of one of the knowledgeable support staff members!

"The best part was that everyone at CE21 was great to work with, from the beginning to the end. Everyone was courteous, professional and collaborative. It speaks volumes that everyone on your team was so accommodating. Even as things got a little tight down to the wire, everybody was cool, calm and easy to work with. I truly appreciate everybody's work and expertise."

-Jon Aligada PsyD, LP
Rural Behavioral Health Practice Conference